Ying Tan for City Council District 43

District 43 include Bensonhurst, Dyker Height, Gravesend, Bath Beach and Sunset Park. Let's bring Law and Order Back!

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About Ying Tan

I came to the United States from Taishan in 2009 to study, was married, and now I am a mother of two children. I have always pursued the American dream and consider New York City my home. However, since the government began canceling Gifted and Talented programs and degrading quality education, I began standing with the crowd at demonstrations in 2018. Because I believe that teaching according to one's ability is the policy of education. However, things have slowly evolved, and now, not only education but also public safety is a problem. Crime has risen significantly every year, and criminals can get away with it without consequences. I am just an ordinary person who wants to settle down in New York City, but society makes me want to move forward, and the government has not seriously addressed this issue. For the sake of my family, my community, and justice for all, I have decided to run for office. I want to bring common sense back to the community!

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Your issues are my issues:

Law and Order

Attacks on streets, subways, and schools are getting worse and worse while we’re losing police officers at an alarming rate.
I will fight to:

  • Enforce the law to put dangerous perpetrators away
  • Support our police officers – improve retention, recruit those who left – with respect, protection and improved compensation
  • Advocate for policies and programs to lower crime
  • Empower judges and court to properly deal with criminals and protect the victim

Quality Education

Our public schools are a disaster. Fast learners are held back, slow learners are ignored, and schools are becoming dangerous.
I will fight to:

  • Return rigorous education in schools and programs, including Gifted and Talented program
  • Keep SHSAT as the sole admissions criteria to the Specialized High Schools
  • Restore safety in schools
  • Impose meaningful accountability metrics on schools so families know
  • Give parents more educational choices, includhing charter and vocational schools.


Small landlords are crushed by increased restrictions and rising demands from the City.
I will fight for:

  • Fundamental review of eviction policies
  • Improved background checks on criminals
  • Common sense checks on new policies, requirements, and fines on small landlords

Small Businesses

Small businesses are dying from rising costs, crime, and new regulations.
I will fight to:

  • Review tax policies to help small businesses
  • Require small business input on new regulations
  • Increase resources to help small businesses grow
  • Encourage creation and development of new businesses

General Economy

The City is spending itself into a financial crisis and working class communities will be hurt the most.
I will fight for:

  • Balance needs of NY residents versus excessive spending on migrants
  • A thorough study of congestion pricing costs to business
  • Business retention plans


Middle-class and poor seniors need more support.
I will fight for:

  • Better data to match needs and resources
  • Improved local aid development
  • Insure full funding of Senior Centers
  • Advocate for municipal retirees and protect their medical coverage